No more home/home uniforms

Bret Bielema said today that Arkansas will wear its white jerseys and red helmets this weekend. Both teams had worn their home jerseys on the road the last couple of years.

Well Arkansas pounded MSU in that same uniform

Hope our Hogs run over Mizzou just like they did MSU

they wear their white helmets? Heard a couple of weeks ago that might be a possibility but never heard anymore.

I don’t really like the white helmets.

I think they painted the white helmets anthracite.

Which color of helmets have we won the most games when wearing?
I would like those.

Someone asked Coach B about helmets. There are apparently two helmets — the traditional ones and one other. The white/Christmas ball shiny version was painted charcoal this year. He heard so many complaints about the white helmets that those will not be back.