No More Fire-Coach U, Let's Join the AAC

If it’s all about winning, we’d always be atop the AAC.

What makes you think Arkansas could remotely sit atop the AAC? Disagree.

Maybe I’m missing the sarcasm. Entirely possible.

It’s one thing for a fan to feel that our football program just isn’t good enough to figure out how to compete and possibly win games in the toughest conference and division in college football, but it’s quite another thing to want to turn tail and run to what may appear to be an inferior conference where you think we may be able to better compete and win conference titles.

Let me set you straight about the AAC, it’s in no way the SEC, but it does have some darn good Football programs that Arkansas would struggle to beat on a regular basis and especially over the past several years. This year we would probably be no better than a middle of the pack type of team in either division of the AAC.

Cincinnati, UCF, Houston, Memphis, Navy, SMU and Tulane IMO are all much better football programs than Arkansas is at this time.
Arkansas has a higher ceiling than any of these programs if it could just get things turned around sooner than later in large part because of its SEC affiliation, but it’s a high ladder the Hogs have to climb.

Go Hogs!

Arkansas is and will always be the step child in the SEC. We are outsiders. That’s never going to change. Going to a different conference should never be dismissed. Perhaps our neighbors to the West’s conference would be a better fit. The only way Arkansas will compete in this division is to do what almost every other team in the conference does. Pay players. I know. We had this conversation and most say no. Then get used to be the conferences door mat in most years.

Not sure about that always on top deal.

I agree with what an ESPN program said while discussing the top college football programs. Arkansas sacrificed competetiveness for financial security when it join the SEC.

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The SEC we joined in the ealy 90’s is not the SEC of today. The league is even stronger now, and we did not go in at the peek of our program. There was a time, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s when we would have competed very well in the SEC. Football is just one sport. Granted, it is the marquis sport. Other than fooball, we compete very well in this conference.

Arkansas should pay more.they should take money from the coaches until they get thru their sec apprenticeship progam.

We were the stepchild of the SWC. Geographically, we’re on the edge of the SEC, but I don’t think we should let our recent record establish our permanent SEC pecking order.

Recent record. Try the last ten years. Baseball not withstanding. What have we done in football and basketball in these years? A few minor bowls. A few Tournament appearances. Not very good. Yes. I know. Petrino imploded. JLS and CBB were busts. Anderson never got us over the hill. The board thinking it’s the AD with the CCM hire. We are not SEC caliber in the big revenue generating sports. And our leadership from the board on down is substandard. As of today, we are not an SEC caliber program or school. Period. A move to the big 12 may be something to look into.

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