No Mike White talk?

Kind of surprised. He got out of town ahead of that gator posse. I think Georgia is a good landing spot for him. Will be a lot easier to follow a guy like Crean than it was following Billy Donovan. Seems like a decent guy. I wish him well when he is not playing us.


He did really well at La Tech so hopefully it will work out for him at Georgia. He seemed kind of snake bit at Florida.

I would think that Florida will get a very good coach which will make the SEC even tougher.

I generally don’t talk much about opposing coaches unless I really dislike them. Didn’t dislike White. His move from UF to UG surprised me, but doesn’t particularly interest me.

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Lots of talk was that Florida was going to let him go. I think he just pulled the trigger first.

I always thought he was a smart a## when we played against ole miss in the 90’s.

I don’t remember him there. If I knew he was there, I’d have probably disliked him at the time. (I hate Ole Miss.)

White was there 1995-1999

Mike’s rich dad got him the job at Georgia.

He must have one influential father. Mike and his siblings all seem to have nice jobs.

Yep, dad’s got a lot of pull… Mike is really lucky.

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