No matter who the new coach is, it is a crap shoot

so, when it happens, my goal is to support them no matter what. I may have reservations about the choice, but got to support them and see what happens.

That will be very very hard for me if it is Kiffin, but I will find a way to do it. Anyone else that has been suggested I will be OK with (still with variable degrees of “OK”)

Truth. There are less than 5 that would not be a crap shoot. And they are locked in tight at top tier schools.

Maybe those bones go our way for once. Maybe not. Either way i’m A Hog for life!

Everyone wants the coaches that have just finished a successful season and believe they will be able to duplicate their success immediately. That doesn’t happen very often.

Every coach is or has been a crap shoot some worked out some didn’t. Saban wasn’t setting the woods on fire at Michigan State or the Dolphins but he did at Lswho and Bama, Bielema was really good at Wisconsin, came to Arkansas and was a complete flop.

Yep. Heck if we hired Saban it is still a “crap shoot.” Some shots have better odds than others, but no matter who it is, there is not a guarantee.