No matter who coaches Arkansas next season (column)

he’s got to go get some dudes at every position

It feels like nothing has happened to resolve this shortcoming for two years. What an awful situation we face.

I wouldn’t say that. It’s not that nothing has happened, but when players transfer out or just quit, it will inevitably leave holes to fill.

We need to recruit some more “e” players, because right now our dudes are missing their “e”.

I would disagree that he hasn’t gotten anybody - Burks, Knox, Gatlin, Cunningham, the young DEs- but certainly not enough.

Thanks DD this was the best article I’ve read in along time on our program. WPS

Until we are able to recruit “Dudes” at the O-Line & D-Line and actually sign them it doesn’t matter how many really talented WR’s we have. The current recruiting class certainly doesn’t point to this staff being able to get these areas addressed.

Go Hogs!

DD, I agree with you about needing more talent to compete against the SEC teams but there’s enough talent on the team now that we shouldn’t be losing our non-conference games. The inability to win those games isn’t talent, it’s coaching. I’ve seen very little to make be believe they have coached up the talent they do have; it appears to be the exact opposite really.

I’m curious about your expectations for this program and fan base for the next 3 seasons? Number of wins per year and the supporting rationale…?

Well, the first couple of things I would need to know to do that would be who the coach is going to be, how many people transfer out, etc.

But whoever the coach is, it’s not going to be easy or pretty.

I agree Arkansas coaches are terrible. when its 35-7 at half need fire all .the coaches we get worse every game we are playing WK.they look like high school team playing WK ENOUGH SAID.

How would you rate your faith in this coaching staff for accomplishing this monumental task?

Probably about the same as yours.

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The ending of this slide will more than likely take the shape of a miracle…:eyes:

If paying big bucks for a dynamite coach were the problem, for the dead money The University has to dole out anyway to BB and CM You’d like to think the the Athletic accounting dept. would have that figured out by now. College Football is a BIG MONEY BIG TIME business now and it’s common sense to make the correct decisions. I realize sometimes heads have to roll but,It’s happened before.

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One more thing I might add to the column. You are right DD about fan’s criticism of Storey last year. How much of that is what I’m going to call the “Morris” effect? CCM may have made Storey regress actually based on what I’ve seen. Fans want hope so it’s natural to say “next”. But what I’ve seen out of Hicks, Starkel, and Storey today is that they are all better off without the coaching from CCM and team. Talk about a true QB killa.

You are correct!

Gotta start in the trenches. Skill players can’t perform up to their ability if you’re not winning in the trenches.

This thread makes me think that we have basically zero chance of ever being decent again.