No matter what happens tomorrow, it has been

a very good season. I was one with strong doubts. Happy. happy, happy to say I was wrong.

We are heading in the right direction.

Amen. This year has exceeded expectations. We didn’t exactly take the road I expected, but I sure am happy with it.

Yes Indeed! :slight_smile:

It’s all gravy from here out, but I really like gravy.

Gravy should be a beverage…

By winning against Seton Hall, they have exceeded realistic expectations at this point.

Totally agree. I doubted also but I’m happy where we are now. Mike has finally built this team with quality depth to run his system.

To come back and be where they are now seemed an impossibility after the Vandy loss. Helluva job by Mike, his staff, and the players to get to this point.

Well said. We hit the lowest of lows after the Vandy and Mizzery losses but CMA did a great job of turning it around. It was amazing how close he came to losing a large part of the fan base but now everyone is back in his camp to a degree in just about a month.

I will be happy with the season even if we lose in a respectable manner.

Me too.

I was fearful of mike not making tourney in year six.

But with 7 new guys I was just hopeful to make it as Arkansas always should.

I’m thrilled for mike and team and positive direction going forward.

Anything more is truly gravy this year.

I don’t think they have exceeded preseason expectations. Some were predicting Sweet 16. However, it is true that they are exceeding midseason expectations after landing at 17-7.

Comments: Its been my experience that adversity is truly the medicine that cures all ills (what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger). Greatness is birth through the harshest failures, providing you get up and try again.

I’m not done c’mon Hawgs shock the world with a win!! WPS! It would be nice to get a win to establish the foundation of national relevance again, but if not a win give them more than they care to handle.

I’m absolutely proud of the program this year.