No Love for the Hogs

People were complaining that the Hogs were not getting any recognition. Well, the target is now on our back. Jumped up in a lot of polls. Keep rolling along. Woo Pig Sooie!!

Interestingly, the next 3 weeks look suddenly more “doable” than they did a few days ago.

We can’t take the Petrino’s lightly, but if Sam can get the team to not look ahead, we should handle them by 2 or 3 TD’s. Then we get the wounded Aggies at JerryWorld, and come home to host Bama.

I think that our win over A&M last year (finally…after several probably wins that we frittered away), and their obvious issues at QB makes this a very winnable game. Not a 'gimme" by ANY measure, but another that - unless we make some significant errors - I think we have a damn good chance of winning.

As for Bama, there are a number of factors in play. For one, no matter if you are “BAMA”, you’re going to lose to a team every now and then. When we lost to them in 2007 (another game we should have won), I never dreamed it would be 5 years…let along 15…and we’d not have beaten them once. To be fair, they HAVE been that good and - for the most part - we HAVE been that bad. Still, there were two times (2010 and 2014) when we were just a whisker away from beating them in DWRRS.

But we’re now on the rise (not all the way there yet, but trending), and Bama has shown it is capable of playing less than a dominant game on the road. Texas may be better than last year, but they are not a top 5 team (as time will show us). If Texas can play them like that in Austin, there’s NO reason we can’t give them all they want (and perhaps a little more) in a rocking Razorback Stadium.

Interesting time to be a Razorback Football fan.

While I’m excited about our team, experience has told me not to take one week’s results and try to stretch them too far.

The Aggies lost and Bama struggled against Texas. Both teams are still very talented.

I don’t expect the Aggies to look that pathetic every week. (They did win their opener, 31-0.) Breaking in a new QB can cause a lot of struggles, but I fully expect our game with them in two weeks to be an absolute war. Their game against Miami this week will be of great interest.

Alabama is Alabama. They do occasionally almost lose a game. But going into this season, I heard a lot of people speculating that this might be an historically good Saban-led Alabama team. They still have Bryce Young. They still have Saban. He will NOT be happy with all the mistakes they made in Austin, and I bet he will have his team’s attention this week. It will be a very tall order to beat them in Fayetteville on October 1.

The stretch that starts next week with the Aggies will be quite a four-game gauntlet.

Texas A&M (Arlington)
at Mississippi State
at BYU

We’ll go on the road for the first time. Only one of those four games is at home. We will definitely find out what we’re made of.

I’m not sure what our record will be after we return from Utah. I don’t expect to be undefeated, but I’m at least glad to enter that stretch feeling like we belong on the field with those teams.

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The Alabama offensive line is bad. Bryce Young will be called on for a lot of miracles this year.

How could that be? Arent they 2 deep in 5 stars?

Bad? Bad for them, yea probably.

Texas exposed them, Young ran for his life all day.

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