No love for Gregory

Pre game show Sunday showed the home runs by Battles on Friday and Slavens, Lanzilli, and Moore. But not Gregory’s. Gregory’s went 412 feet over the scoreboard. Gregory is a unsung hero this year

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Gregory has done a great job.

Yes he has! He needs to stay in the lineup he’s hiring the ball and getting on base.

Gregory drives me crazy sometimes taking all the pitches but he is an absolute warrior. Gets on Base, is an incredible bunter… I would move him up into the number 2 spot because he doesn’t strike out, works the count, has occasional power and gets on base. I think stovall is got to go down to 8-9 until he proves he can hit SEC pitching,because right now there’s too many times that number 2 in the batting order is coming up in critical situations and we have to have a more experienced player there IMO.

Gregory is a pest for pitchers. He drives up their pitch count and crowds the plate, and if they hang a pitch, he will hit it hard. He’s also a really good base runner and bunts well. It’s easy to see why he stays in the lineup.


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