No Kool Aid

We all want to be optimistic during the off season, but many of us entered into this year determined to not get caught up in the hype. I don’t blame anyone for the hype. I do think there’s some talent one this team. But it’s the coaching staff’s responsibility to get the most out the talent and that isn’t happening. I guess my biggest frustration is the offensive line. I know TCU sold out to stop the run today and made AA pass to win. It was a good plan by Coach Patterson. Hats off to them -they executed their plan. Simply…we didn’t.

Loaded the box and stopped the run. Young receivers don’t have the game experience to get it done yet. It stinks to get beat at home.

Good post.

I think many fans may be weighing good guy coach B is and a five year losing record.

We don’t have expectations of bigs, hard to recruit like bigs so we tell ourselves its a tough job.

And it is.

But I find it hard to stare at a losing record for half a decade now.

I’m not drinking as much cool aide anymore.