No Khamani

In this game, or I missed it?

Kamani hasn’t played in the tournament at all. Not against Vermont, not tonight,

Did he make the trip? Is he dressing out?

He was on the bench.

Yeah I saw him on the bench.

I thought it was interesting that when Muss cleared the bench for the last two seconds to get some people in the boxscore, he put in the two walkons and Chance Moore. Not Kamani or CV or KK or Jaxson.

I took that as a nice nod to those guys. Knowing at that point we’d have another game, he wanted to get them on the floor. I’d imagine same thing happens against Gonzaga with Kamani, KK, Connor, and Jaxon unless we that last possession is win-or-lose.

He probably was trying to make sure those guys got an NCAAT appearance.

Muss thinks of everything.

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He did not play but he was very upbeat on the bench actively cheering and supportive. I would be more concerned if he missed this next game where bodies will be needed to keep legs fresh.

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