No Kansas visit

for Layden Blocker for this weekend.

Not sure if he will reschedule. I’m thinking he won’t. That’s just me.


That sounds very good

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That sounds really good, RD. Any word on how Ron’s visit is going?

Wow, hopefully that’s a sign Layden may commit early. That would be a huge boost for the 2023 recruiting class. Getting an early commit from your future PG, who’s a willing passer, can attract other 5-star players.

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Yeah, Kansas realized that Blocker is Arkansas bound and no reason to spend time and money on a visit. You can tell what happened when visits are canceled without a reschedule date.

He’s announcing on July 2 so nothing coming too soon.

This or he is a silent commit to us and was done with visits but either way….I will take it PJ and a win-win for us!

Anyone get Lee Mayberry vibes watching Layden’s video highlights? Smooth playmaker like Lee, and rarely gets rattled, also like Lee. Very calm demeanor on the court. Best guard prospect to come out of Arkansas in some time, imo.

Haven’t heard anything to make me think he’s a silent. I think this is going to be an interesting down to the day he commits.

Roger that sir….thanks!

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