No Joe Arkansas

As far as Kemper, I was at a WWE pay per view event there the night Owen Hart fell from the rafters and died. I was on the 2nd row.

When I ran the OKC marathon (which is itself a memorial to the bombing victims), the course went past both the Cox Center and the current Thunder arena which is across the street, so I knew it was still there.

Had we known at the start of the BB season that our record would be what it is now, the fans would have been so happy to accept that! But, starting off so well and playing well led us to a better record EARLY in the season. So, lets be happy what we have now, about what we expected before the season started, and realize that INJURIES have really hurt us.

That has forced us to play guys who were not really ready to play in the top 7 spots on the team but had to, thus making a lot of errors in stupid fouls, no rebounding and missed shots all over the place. Not much bending the knees to jump for a rebound and not able to get your guarding hand/arm out of the way fast enuff to avoid a reach-in foul.

Overall … NO height, bad free throw shooting and injuries and no good thought processes on many plays by the inexperienced guys. Just too many issues that became worse when the starting 6-7 guys got fatigued due to having to play 38-40 minutes without couple of good players, mainly Joe. IIWII guys. :frowning: …….

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