No Joe Arkansas

Muss has said it in no uncertain terms, but this team is damn near out of bullets without Joe, both because of his scoring but also his affect on the defense.

If it weren’t for really bad shooting on a not so great team, Missouri would’ve beaten us badly. And I know we brought some of that on ourselves with fouls etc.

I really don’t see us winning much, if any without Joe in the lineup…Unless Muss comes up with something really creative that works, but he’s already gotten more out of this team than expected with defense and creativity…five guards, Jimmy Whitt Iso’s, and so on.

I really don’t see what’s left on the offensive innovation end…so this team, particularly Desi, Harris and Chaney have got to shoot better from the floor and from the line.

Anybody who predicted us 11th or that we would be where we are was just wrong, except for the fact that Joe is out. If they predicted his knee injury and Whitts back issues, then they should be picking stocks instead of making basketball predictions.

Let’s see what this team has got with basically one offensive bullet…but I’m not holding my breath, despite how well they play with that one bullet.

Muss lack a poker face

Sills and Chaney are the keys. Sills pick up his game and Chaney put together a game like he had and we can be pretty tough.

Yet we could have won still.

The turnovers and fouling is what beat the hogs at Missouri! Also your leader on the floor lost his mind and failed to stay under control of his emotions. You can’t wait until the second half to try to comeback and win.

Having seen the effects of losing a dominate player. it is remarkable that we have played as well as we have. I remember a SEC tournament game against Kentucky in Atlanta. We led almost the entire game. Kentucky made a late run to force overtime. Arkansas started strong in overtime. We had about a 4 point lead. With a little more than minute to play, Corliss fouled out. Kentucky pushed the ball inside and we could not make an outside shot. We lost.

I know that Joe is not yet in a class with Corliss, but he is as valuable to this team as Corliss was on the great mid 90’s teams.

Everyone needs to hope that Joe makes a full quick recovery

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Actually, I was on the bench for that game. We had them down 18 in the 2nd half and by 9 in overtime. In those days we owned Kentucky in the regular season, but we couldn’t seem to keep our focus and beat them in the SEC tourney. The upside of that was we played in 2 straight
Final Fours, and would have won back to back championships if Clint McDaniel doesn’t get hurt in the 95 National Championship game. That game is the one that haunts Coach Richardson the most to this day.

I still have a jacket that says “back to back National Champions” that we were supposed to receive after the UCLA game. It makes me sad every time I look at it. We had an awesome team, but we were SO close to being an all-time great team.

Once again, it’s a given we aren’t going to rebound well, it’s also easy to say “well if we rebound better we would win”.

We are in control or are in position to win a lot of these games. For me, I think we should focus on this we CAN control individually. Rebounding not being a realistic controllable thing we should work hard at it, but still it’s really not in our control. We are going to get heavily out rebounded.

Again to beat a dead horse, we have the capability to make FT’s much better than we do and it would be huge in these games. Also the dumb stuff, unforced mistakes, stepping out of bounds, just horrible passes, double dribbles, poor decisions withe the ball, such as drives to nowhere and hoping it works out, and one of the biggest, make a layup, finish a and one, hit open 4-6 footers at a better rate. Make open looks at a better rate.

If we just focus on the these thing that we can control and do much better it would win some games for us. We are capable of controlling the controllable much better than we do. JMHO

I haven’t given up on these guys, if they will finally clean up these manageable areas of controllable capabilities, I think we can still make some noise and do some damage.

If Muss was in NBA right now, he would rest Mason and Whitt tomorrow, then start a hard push starting Saturday with fresh bodies, get Joe back the following weekend, win 6 of last 7 and get into the tournament,

With his NBA upbringing, the thought may have occurred to him.

The Tennessee game should be the one game to focus on. The hogs are more likely to win that one on the road than the Miss St game at home!
Joe could be back next week. Maybe!
The hogs need to at least win 1 game this week! I think we will see a fired up bunch of Hogs tomorrow night! No matter what happens tomorrow I just hope they continue to fight hard and play together.

Jeremy I was in Seattle. I really thought that we were going to win another after we beat a very good North Carolina team in the semi finals. UCLA did not look that great beating a good but certainly not great OSU team coached by Eddie Sutton. I still think that we would beat them 2 out of 3. Those Richardson teams were great to watch. I really think that the 94 team was just a little bit better due to Dillard’s outside shooting and the all around game of Crawford. Wish that he didn’t get hurt because I really thought that he was vastly under rated.

It’s a blessing in disguise. This team needs to grow up without go to players. Chaney and design learning how to produce will help this team in March.

Good morning, Rice. The 95 National Championship game was the only game I can recall where Scotty and Corliss both played poorly. Having McDaniel hurt certainly didn’t help, but having Kareem Reid (who had to sit out due to Prop 48) available, probably would have put us over the top. I agree, in a 3 game series, we win. It was still pretty cool walking on the court at the old Kingdome and seeing Jack Nicholson walk by wearing a Bruins hat. What’s crazy is that only 1 building we played in during that 2 year tourney run is still in use…that burnt orange atrocity in Austin. Many people also don’t know that the 94 Final Four was the last one not played in a dome.

In spite of that, we would have still won the game without that out of life performance by Toby Bailey.

That remains the most heartbreaking loss for me as a Razorback fan. Arkansas and Nolan would have been in a small club of back to back national champions.

Agreed. I half expect to see Bailey in those Direct Insurance commercials with Johnny Manziel and Tonya Harding. :rofl:

And trust me, PJ, nothing was more disappointing than having to look at all the back to back t-shirts and hats waiting in boxes for us in the locker room.

The Myriad in OKC, where we played the first weekend, is still there (renamed the Cox Center); it’s the home of OKC’s G-League team.

Kemper in KC is also still there, but they remodeled/downsized the heck out of it and turned it into a youth sports facility called Hy-Vee Arena.

Didn’t know that. For some reason I thought the Myriad fell victim to the downtown rejuvenation after the bombing.

It’s true that the Charlotte Coliseum (now a mixed use development), Reunion Arena (now a park) and the Kingdome (now CenturyLink Field) are all gone though. Half of the six sites, 26 years later.

Interestingly enough, the arena that the Charlotte Coliseum replaced is still there. It was built in 1955 but extensively remodeled after the one we played in was opened in 1988. Now known as Bojangles Coliseum, and houses arena football and hockey.