No inside game

Moses has had maybe 3-4 games when he’s been aggressive in the paint. Other than than, our inside game consist of guards driving to the basket. Where did the Moses from last year go?!

No big guys at all.

Thomas cannot out jump a 6 footer and shows no energy

We are a team with some good guards but not much else

Moses is usless. Player of the year ??

Moses has disappeared, Thompson is non existent most of the time, & don’t get me started on Thomas! Beard is a liability. We have no PG & no inside presence right now. We have some decent guards & nothing else. I can’t believe this is the same team that beat UT, A&M, and Vandy on the road.

He leaves guards to cover the big men unsee the hole! We have 0 offensive rebounds and no real energy. Play 5 guards and forget it

Arkansas is gonna get blowed out!!! LSU cant play in any 1st half this year and usally almost doubles their points in the 2nd, so its gonna get ugly folks! I have watched SEC ball all day and the Hogs are the ugliest, slow reaction, no shooting team I have seen!!! I mean what is going on? Do they even practice shooting the ball? Sick of Kingsley, set him on the bench!!! The guy tries half heartedly anymore and always a step late! Anderson had what looked to be a promising team and once again a late season collapse! Always been a fan, but its plain to see watching other teams progress in the conference and pass us each year, tha the man is not a great coach! He needs TOP TALENT to get wins! Just having pretty good talent and no coaching and he gets by passed every year! Get ready, Auburn, Ole Miss, SC, Georgia, andFlorida will be blowouts, just watch and see!!!

Kingsley must have heard us. Playing well in the second half

lol Nice thread guys! Thomas with his best game of the year. He was the trigger that started this 2nd half run.

8 pts, 8 boards, 3 steals.

Geez, I hope this was his coming out party for the rest of the year. This was what we expected earlier this year.

We’re a decent team when we get some offense in the paint from Moses, and anybody else; Thomas, Thompson, Cook or Bailey.

We came on in the 2nd half. Thomas played as well in that 2nd half than he has in a long while. Kingsley played much better! Good come back win!

The main issue with this team is the lack of a big man down low that has a game like Williams of TN, and Moten of GA. All four of our big men lack offensive skills. Moses helping with defense and rebounding.

Williams - 11.8 ppg / 1.1 assts / 53% FG % / 33% 3s def 5.5 reb / 1.9 blks
Kingsley - 11.8 ppg / 1.5 assts / 46% FG % / 37% 3s def 7.6 reb / 2.5 blks

Offensively Williams and Kingsley are about the same. Moses is better defensively. But yes, Maten is the best offensive big man in the SEC.

You really “blowed” this post. :confused:

Great 2nd half by the Hogs. However… the inconsistency. Especially inside play, and a flat out lack of effort at times (or at least it appears that way on the tube). I mean really… how hard is it to start blocking out for rebounds rather than trying to out jump everyone for rebounds? If they do that one thing alone & everything else is the same for the season, the Hogs likely are already well past 20 wins. Can someone with a higher basketball IQ than myself help me understand why the Hogs DO NOT use proper rebounding technique? Blocking out for rebounds is taught almost from day one in playing organized basketball. There are always going to be nights where shots do not fall. Refs don’t call fouls evenly, etc. Things that are out of a player’s , a coach’s or a team’s control. Defensive effort & proper rebounding technique CAN BE CONTROLLED. It is called hustle, grit & work ethic. If i remember correctly , rebounding was always a negative statistic during Nolans tenure on the Hill, wasn’t it? So is it a weakness in the system?

Overall change the inconsistent defensive effort & the poor rebounding & CMA is being mentioned in coach of the year discussions. Can anyone explain this beyond it looks like this team is somewhat lazy? If not all the time, certainly half of the time.

Another part of the game that can be controlled is playing inside / out on offense. Get Moses involved & make him a priority in the game plan. Is it the game plan, the coaching, or Moses doesn’t like playing inside? He does seem he likes to switch to defending a guard whenever he can