No idea of this will happen or not but

I think there might be some momentum for the portal recruiting to be pushed back until after HS recruiting is over. So if that was the case, it would come after the Feb signing day. Again, no idea if this will happen but something I think that will be discussed.

The simple answer is to eliminate the portal.

Should change the rules:

Sit 1 year for undergraduate.
Can’t enter portal until after spring practice.
Official visits can occur last month of spring semester.

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I like the idea of one free transfer as long as it’s in a certain time frame. You quit on the team during the season, then you sit another year. There needs to be some structure to help teams manage the roster while also giving athletes a chance to move around. And anyone transferring more than once must sit a year, unless they are a grad transfer. I would still allow that free transfer.


That’s not gonna happen

Fraid not.

The better solution would be moving the early signing period for HS players to the third week of August. It would allow kids to have signing ceremonies at their HS, get their recruiting out of the way before their senior years, and allow coaches to focus on actually coaching football through the season instead of having to continue recruiting their own commits until December. Kids that aren’t ready to sign then could still wait until February, but you could at least have the majority of your HS class signed before the college season begins.

This :point_up_2:!!!

My thoughts exactly sir!


I have no idea how to fix this problem, but something has to be done to stabilize the roster. You don’t have a clue what positions to recruit for early because you don’t know who and how many will leave at any position. WPS

There’s no way to have any rules enforcement the way things are now. It has become the Wild West! The portal takes and gives. One time transfer is fine how they do it in a fair manner is the question. If a player is going to transfer they should have the chance to make spring practice! That would be good for the team they leave as well as their new team.

I’ve talked to HS coaches about this and a lot don’t like it because they say some kids will coast.

That’s not going to happen either. And if it did it would be in court before the end of the day, and the NCAA would lose.

The sit out after transfer won’t hold up in court.

Now can they modify the portal entries? Sure.

Move high school signed to the week of thanksgiving. That way kids play senior year and get that tape for colleges as well as have in the can before portal season.

Move HS early signing to 3rd week of August. Portal recruiting from Thursday before Championship Games through late signing period in February.

Provide option for early HS signee to rescind LOI if their HC leaves that school. And, give that school additional visits, and the impacted players additional visits.

We lost some toxic/cancerous players via the portal. Good! Even, players who are “needing a fresh start” are obstacles to success. That isn’t toxic/cancerous, but it needs to be purged. So, have to give them easy access to exit.

Removing the headache of HS recruiting from portal season will remove a LOT of the angst that is currently attached to the portal. It would effectively eliminate new coaches having to scramble to re-recruit their current roster AND build a roster for the future. The caveat of the HC being the only coach that impacts your capacity to rescind an LOI keeps roster churn with HS recruits at a minimum.

Have to have recruiting “seasons” that loosely align with the school calendars. Granted, in the SEC, we are used to semesters while a few schools use quarter system scheduling. Quarter system schools might be in school already, but wait until after Labor Day in the fall. MLKJr Holiday is a good target - create opportunity without creating chaos by that day.

I’m liking Andy Staples’ idea more and more. Forget signing day. If Sam sees a stud 14 year old in September of his freshman year and wants to offer him, the kid can sign right there. But you’d better make sure you don’t have more than 85 of those, because once he signs, you can’t unsign him.

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