No Henderson last night?

I’m a little surprised at that. Is he doing what the coaches ask of him in practice?

I don’t think that’s the case at all. I think it was because the game was points-wise close (until late), and the pace was really slow. I don’t recall seeing any of our players requesting to sub out to get a blow.

Musselman’s explanation for Henderson not playing:

“We had a short rotation tonight. The pace of the game, I didn’t feel like people didn’t need blows as much. I didn’t think we needed to sub as much. Even going into the game, we knew that we weren’t going to have to sub a lot because it wasn’t going to be an up-and-down game. You just do what you can to win and that was the lineup that we felt created the most mismatches because we wanted to try to stretch the floor out as much as we can with as many perimeter shooters as we possibly could.”

This is not meant to be neagtive in any way, but Muss’ track record says he won’t play more than eight players. Nine at the most.
Unless he’s changed since being hired, you will see a lot of DNP-CDs while he’s here. Even when he has a full roster. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s why there was a problem retaining players at his last stop. He favors a short bench and today’s “microwave” kids aren’t patient enough to wait their turn.

Short rotation meant not playing just one player. Henderson.

I don’t think Henderson is progressing and is a liability on the court. That was the same case last year. So, he is only going to play if the game is safe or a big is in foul trouble.

Ethan has been a big disappointed to me. Watching him in 9th grade, he looked like he will be one of the best to come out of Arkansas. He has made relatively slow progress since then.