No Hayden Johnson on the depth chart this week

So, is not being on the two deep the same as being suspended?

Johnson will play Saturday: … -alcohol-/

Reed wasn’t on two deep last week.

Hayden and I have a lot in common (back when I was 19 years old, which was 40 years ago) we dank way too much. I hope he can get off it.

Well, we have placed ourselves with every other team…the only punishment is he won’t “start”…that ain’t UNCOMMON… we’re just like every other team now… What a farce our coach is!
CBB has already said, “he’ll play”…

Well, it looks like Hayden is enjoying the full Arkansas college experience. He’s certainly not the first freshman to get falling down drunk at the Greek Theater. I raise my hand. You take care, Hayden. Things can get serious quick.

Hayden is a good kid who will learn from this experience.

Some of us learned lessons in our 40s - but they have certainly stuck.

Key is to own it and learned from it.

Good grief, man. You need to get some perspective. Nowhere does it say that is his only punishment. A 19 year old got drunk. That is definitely grounds for dismissal from the team, expulsion from the university, and public flogging. He hurt no one. He wasn’t driving, so there wasn’t a chance he was going to hurt anyone. He made what most everyone, except the highly exalted Hog-N-Das, would consider a somewhat minor lapse in judgement. I think CBB has shown that he will do what is required to teach players that certain things are unacceptable. So, no, we haven’t not placed ourselves with every other team. We aren’t playing known stealing, raping, girlfriend beating, gun toting thugs. But, yes, I’m sure every team has 19 year old that drink and get caught drunk in public. So, we were never different that every other team in that regard. This is a minor thing, so get off the high horse.

Couldn’t agree more! good post.

Seriously?!? Want to know what uncommon is? It’s having the kind of relationship with your players that you’ll leave a dinner with your wife the night of a game, not just to console someone that lost their father, but to actually get on a plane and fly across the country with them in their lowest of times.

I wish there were more “farces” like this coach in our world.

+1. This.

If it was DWI or a fight, etc. I would agree with you. I am not trying to downplay a public intox, but overall, of all the crimes kids commit, public intox is pretty low on the list of my concerns.