No Gus bus on the hill....whew

He just beat Bama and he’s good to go for a couple of more years.

Nah. His seat warms up the next time they lose. Then beating Bama saves his butt again.

At lease he won’t screw up our search this time.


Can’t argue with that Jeff. But thankfully this keeps him there for a couple more years and not a factor in this coach search for the good guys.

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Thank goodness

My thoughts exactly.

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100 percent agree.

Although feels a little crazy at same time to say we don’t want a coach that beat Alabama.

Just not a big fan.

Guy is a great coach. Always has been.

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No question about his coaching ability.

No he’s not.

HY…David Shaw is ready to hear your offer…he’s ready for the best conference. Please don’t listen to those who say he won’t come…HOW DO THEY KNOW??? Remember I think this year, the coaches voted on who is the most overrated…David Shaw and James Franklin…two winning African American head coaches…not Morris nor any of the losing head coaches…

General, Gus has beaten Saban 3 of 7 years while at Auburn. His team has played in the National Championship game and his teams have won the SEC. The guy is an excellent coach. You may not like him, but he is one of the best coaches in the country.

He is a very competitive coach with fire in his gut and a passion for the game. I don’t want him now as our coach, but give the guy his due.

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It has nothing to do with like, he constantly underwhelms. His NC game was on a bunch of miracle plays that happened in one season. One of his bama wins was a miracle missed FG by bama. Today, bama’s QB was the offensive MVP for both bama and Auburn. Having elite recruiting classes can make even the most mediocre of coaches look good.

bet -ally -all just had his "big"story go south on him…he called that play!

Is there anyone here who wouldn’t take Shaw if he really wanted the job? Not trying to stir the pot. This is a legit question.

I would take him over pretty much anyone listed in the search thus far.

Shaw is a great coach however runs a system completely different than talent we have recruited for. His offense is more pro style like bielema.

Hey you make the call. I wouldn’t leave Stanford for the circus on the hill but maybe he thinks differently

Right…but this AD won’t even give him a call…he would come…and he would win…but, this dude left Houston for Arkansas…well, with that said, why wouldn’t Shaw leave Cali like HY did for U of A? Just like HY did, to prove he can beat the best…give the man a call…you will regret not doing it…NUFF SAID!!!

How do you know he would come? How do you know that call has not been made. You stated that he would come if asked. How do you know that? Not saying you are wrong, but would like to know sources for such a certain statement as that. I have no idea.

In years past several jobs have opened up and they have spoken to Shaw. He has told better situations no thanks to stay on the farm.

I think he is content to rebuild Stanford.

Sometimes…change is good. And if he won at Stanford…imagine what he can do for the Hawgs. Maybe that’s the reason he won’t get the call…he would st a standard so high that wouldn’t no one want to follow him. If Indiana University can win in the BIG10, so can the Hawgs with him as coach…