No guarantee on Campbell

Blaine Knight is the only pitcher who will be guaranteed a start this weekend against Kentucky. Arkansas is going to list TBA for Saturday and Sunday.

Isaiah Campbell could come out of the bullpen Friday if needed. He has struggled some the past two weeks, although the fielding behind him has been problematic. Only four of his nine runs have been earned.

The defense behind him has been poor at times. I hope he is able to get and stay healthy. It sounds like a weekend where the bullpen may be by committee to pitch a few innings a piece in both games!

I’m not sold on him yet…teams get very good swings on him because I don’t think he has great movement on his FB and has trouble throwing the Curve…not a good combination…I wished w would have saved Murphy…If Campbell is not as good as advertised this is not the same team

I was scared to death about McKinney and Campbell before the season even began. I hope they can get it together. I don’t think DVH has any confidence in either one right now.