No game tonight

Storms are rolling into Omaha and our game is postponed until tomorrow at 11 a.m.

Dang! I’d almost rather play with the inevitable rain delays.

Dang I thought the skies were clearing best I could tell. Hope the crowd can be there tomorrow that was there tonight

I was wondering what the deal was. Must be a big storm to cancel b4 it even starts.

Well I hope the weather is clear for 3 to 4 hours tomorrow morning. Just win and it won’t cause a problem with pitching as long as Murphy can go 5 or 6 innings.
That should make Jake Rheindl, Cronnin, and maybe even Loeske could get a couple of outs.
I just wonder if Ramage and Bonnin will get to pitch some more in Omaha?

Maybe if we are up 10, Bonnin might. I like Ramage. Only seen Bonnin once, and it wasn’t a good day for him.

Just looked at the radar there, looks very bad. Hail and strong winds.

I remember us having to play at 11 a few times wonder what our record was?

DVH told someone (per the radio) that he’d rather have it postponed than get 2-3 innings in & have it delayed. If Dave thinks it’s better, then so do I.

Yes, it’s better to postpone. Why blow through a starting pitcher with two innings today and then have to start fresh with another pitcher tomorrow? I don’t want the delay, but it’s always better to have a continuous game than one that’s disjointed.

From the looks of the radar Wednesday morning the game won’t start at 11:00 either