No game this weekend

It was a longshot. Hard to find a game on less than 36 hours notice.

Somebody just tweeted that no game pretty much ensures that the Bama game will be the first game in BWA where both teams were ranked since 1998. That true?

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Probably. I can’t remember a game since then where both were ranked.

There have been a few where both teams were ranked, but those were road or neutral site games. On Feb. 18, 1998, #16 Arkansas beat #13 South Carolina 96-88, as Pat Bradley scored 33 points including 7 treys.

I have read ASU turned Arkansas down again even though they aren’t playing until Monday Night.

This should totally put to bed this narrative that ASU was willing and ready to play Arkansas anytime, anyplace, and at anything.

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I hope the Hogs never again reach out to play them. We have been hearing for 30 years the Hogs were running away from playing them. Given chances to play to the hogs they declined.

3 times. And, they weren’t playing until Monday Night. They turned down a free shot at a top 25 ranked instate team.

If that is true, Hunter needs to pull that football game away from them and put them in the deep freeze. Period.

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Breaking the football contract would cost $1.5 million.

At this point, I think it would be worth it. It was probably a bad idea to start with, and we can afford it. We don’t need ASU for anything. Screw them. A small price to pay, in the grand scheme of things, for ASU to truly know their place in Arkansas athletics…an afterthought.

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Matt, that’s true.

However, I think the point to be made is that there has been a narrative out there that ASU would play UA in anything, at anytime, and anywhere. This has been mentioned over the years by a number of ASU fans.

Even you guys in the media will have to admit that simply isn’t the case. We have seen it highlighted this basketball season.

Obviously it’s mostly about football with ASU.
But ASU fans aren’t going to dictate who and when any game between ASU and UofA is played, especially one on spur of the moment.

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$1.5 million? Sure is easy to spend other people’s money. Silly.

Hawgjaw, you nailed it. Apparently some people have shifted the reason we have no game this weekend to Arkansas State. I thought it was Covid.

Let the players rest! Watch some hoops and practice. Playing ASU would be a glorified scrimmage with nothing to gain! My thought would be why play any team where you have no chance to improve! I’d like to see a rematch with Tennessee on March 6th in the Bud!

ASU won’t play a game that isn’t beneficial to both teams. I wish HY had remembered that.

Sounds like a teenager. Pitiful.

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Balado is a typical ASU coach. All talk. They win a couple games and think they’re world beaters. Our AD should reconsider ever playing them in any sport.

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It is really easy to call someone out. However, when the opportunity to back the words with action, weak talk is simply bs. I would encourage HY to remember their arrogance and in the future, simply tell them that our schedule is full. There is no reason to play them and they showed that they are not ready to play us anywhere or anytime.

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