No Game Chat?

I turned on the radio just in time to hear that we won by 14. Underwhelming D-2 exhibition season. I hope we are ready for mid-major Samford next week.

So-called exhibition games seem to be a waste of time and effort. Just start the season for real. I don’t really see the benefit nor the purpose, seems that it costs more to put on the game than the revenue it creates.

I was there for the first half. Underwhelming describes what I saw. No inside game, way too many turnovers, and a half court defense that left wide open 3s in the corners.

Benefit is that there is no substitute for playing a game against another team. You just cannot duplicate game situations for real in practice. That is why teams even arrange referee called scrimmages. Wish there were more exhibition games to get most of the kinks worked out. Two games is just not enough.

Don’t agree PJ, just jump into the season against a good opponent that would actually draw fans. Let the chips fall where they may.

University still makes money even if people don’t show up. 13,000+ tickets were sold so there is no way that’s not a profit.

There are no negatives to playing preseason games in basketball. Game like conditions against someone in a different jersey. Can’t replicate that with 10 red vs white games.

Were there 13,000 people in BW tonight buying concessions? I assume you’re saying that with those tickets sold, we turned a profit on November 3rd after paying utilities, employees, etc.?

This is all very silly, but I’m bored.

Paid attendance was 13,291

13,291*25 = $332,275
5,000 estimated attendance buying $4 cokes and $3 popcorn = $35,000

employees/100 people making $20 an hour for 4 hours = $8,000
Pay off the 3 refs = $600
Pay off the Missouri Griffons = $25,000
Keep the lights and scoreboard working for 4 hours = $25,000

I’m pulling some of those numbers outta my ass, but I’m fairly confident that a profit was made. AND that’s not really my main point (that it’s really a great way to prepare for the season).

Everybody plays exhibition games, even pro teams. If there was no benefit to them, nobody would do them. As PJ said, you can’t duplicate playing an actual game at practice. Exhibition games give coaches a chance to see their players in live game action and try things out without it counting against their record.

Also, there were 5,000+ in actual attendance and over 13,000 tickets sold, that’s way more than enough to just pay the utilities, there’s D1 schools that have arenas that won’t even hold 5,000 people. That’s actually a really good turnout for an exhibition game. I can remember years were there were only around a 2-3k people in there.

Ok, I give up.