No FA shot for D Reed ?


Have not heard of him hooking on with anybody yet, but surely he’ll get a shot

I thought that with typical off-season development he was going to have a big senior year, but I think he actually regressed.

There were several times during the off-season before and during his senior season when there were bits and pieces suggesting that the staff was not real happy about the level of commitment. He did not appear to make much effort in the weight room in the off-season, and I can’t remember him throwing a decent downfield block in two years. There were suggestions that he was not running routes correctly when he played., and he never showed any real ability to go up and get contested balls.

He was fast, but he just was not that productive. I don’t think any body would claim he should have been taking reps from Morgan, Hatcher or Cornelius.

So to get in a camp, he needs something to convince teams he can be developed into an NFL player, besides having good speed. Assuming you think his body and mind can be molded to the task, the question becomes will the player put in the work to get there? I know this staff has worked hard at times to get guys into camps/talked them up for the draft, but it’s hard to tell an NFL team that the guy will put more into it for you than he did for me.

Maybe Reed gets into a camp, but when a guy does not get signed in that first weekend flurry, that usually means he starts going to tryout camps the teams put on from time to time looking for a body or two. That’s an even tougher road.

Has all the physical talents in the world, but did not put in the extra work it seems. At this level it takes far more than talent. Even more so in the NFL. I think back to the A&M game. Things are going our way. We have the ball at midfield and run a jet sweep to him. He did not secure the ball. A&M recovers and goes on to score. It happens. Did it happen because of lack of concentration and work through the fall or was it just one of those things that happens in a game. I don’t know, but there are films of that stuff and the NFL guys do miss a thing.

I hope it works out for him, but he has made it very difficult on himself. There are a lot of guys that can run fast. It takes much more than that in the NFL.

I remember Bret Bielema chewing him pretty good during one of the open practices last summer. He shouted something to the extent of, “You can’t just be a pretty boy and catch the ball if you want to make it to the next level. You have to do everything we tell you to do,” referencing blocking, route-running, etc.

I also remember him at another time saying something to the extent of Reed doesn’t do the things off the field that are expected of him. He said having him do something as simple as turn in a piece of paper to the football office was like pulling teeth.

NFL people notice that.

And coaches talk. If you constantly thumb your nose at them and don’t give full effort, they let people at the next level know that.

They want to maintain a level of trust with the guys at the next level so that they will trust them the next time they feel like there is a player is worth going to bat for the scouts listen.

If you notice there are certain organizations (New England, Dallas, Det) that give Hogs a long look. The coaches want to maintain that so that their guys go to the next level and everyone benefits.

It’s a sad deal. DReed has talent but not enough to get away with nonsense like others did.

I still hope DReed gets a look but I wonder if he really even has the desire to do what it takes to make it happen.

On a more positive note, he did leave the University of Arkansas with a degree. For the record, that degree was from the Fayetteville campus of the UofA. :wink:

I worried that Dominique was going to have a tough time making it to the NFL when he got the high ankle sprain. At that point, Michael Smith said he lost the ability to stop and come back. Just couldn’t plant that foot. If he ever got that back – and he didn’t last year – then he could be a factor at the next level. You have to be able to run more than the go route. If you can’t, it’s too easy for NFL corners just to run with you. If Dominique ever mastered that come back route – and he did not – then he would have been drafted.

All of the other stuff matters, the being on time and doing everything right. But, I was told by an NFL offensive specialist that they can get by with a great one who doesn’t do it all right. They just didn’t see Dominique as being great because he had only the go route.

Dominique looked good on pro day, but not great. I would much prefer to have Keon Hatcher or Drew Morgan.