No excuse dropping 2 these last 2 at home.

I know we are young but we’ve been outplayed at HOME. No longer see this team winning enough in conference to make the dance. Lottery pick and a kid on NBA lists in joe, we needed to make Dance this year bc we have one big next year in Chaney.

Way too early to make this claim. And no we didn’t get out played, but we screwed the pooch on missing easy buckets.

Definitely can’t show up at the 10 minute mark. 65 points at home will not win many. On the road none. Last 3 games they have taken 3 HUGE steps backward. Even with a win in the middle.

Having said that they can play well, and get on a run. Currently showing very young and I hope the mental part doesn’t slip in. That was awful to watch tonight.

tough to lose when you don’t get outplayed. I thought tech d was much quicker/aggressive to the ball pretty much all night, and we never solved their zone d.

When Gabe and Adrio came in the game we had a 5 point lead. We have no consistent depth on the bench outside of Chaney and Sills. Sills may be earning more minutes in my opinion. The TO’s and missed gummies at the rim cost.
Poor shot selection and. It getting to the free throw line. We went 7/9 from the charity stripe bright spot in the game.
Sometimes you learn more by getting egg in your face. I still think the hogs can make the dance but they will have ugly nights like this along the way.
You can’t beat a zone with the dribble. Inside out passing and most of the inside out turned into TO’s. This may end up doing this team more good than a close win.
They are young don’t get alarmed.

Well there are reasons we lost these games. Of course you may not like them or want someone to blame but there are very real reasons we lost these games and MA has explained them after each loss. I don’t think anyone is making excuses. They are just giving you the reasons. Like I said you don’t have to like it.

Back to back home losses in which we were favored. Where are we gonna get wins to replace these two? The SEC has some good teams this year and they won’t come easy. I guess i am just let down, I thought Mike had his players, lots of depth, etc etc. I don’t expect to lose at home with Western Kentucky and a Georgia Tech team that is middle to low ACC

It’s gonna be hard to do.


This was a typical young team performance. Wild swings in momentum and lots of poor decisions by players and CMA.

As always, a loss has several causes. I won’t attempt to lay blame on any groups or players. Our shooting from 3 point was off. Ball handling was not up to recent play. Time will tell if we are great against infrerior but can’t replicate against quality opponents.

The lack of depth in the frontcourt showed up again. Adrio and Gabe are not SEC players yet. Will they get better this year? I hope they will but think that they are still a work in progress.

We had too many inexperienced players in crunch time. I think that we can win a lot of games but we will lose some head scratchers. The best result of this team is a mid-level finish. Is this enough? I don’t know.

I guess that an upper house rating is great, but the real word of hard knocks brings you back to the harsh reality that this really good recruiting class is only the 7-10 rated class in the SEC.

I stand by the we need to make Dance this season. LosingDan won’t make it easier next year. Mike needs this team to make a little run.

Totally agree

Going to be really tough to make the dance. GA Tech right now would be a quadrant 3 loss (135 NET) and WKU right now is a Quadrant 4 loss (177 NET). Those are really really bad losses. There’s no one in the SEC right now that has worst losses than that when you’re talking about the NET rankings.

For us to make the dance we’re not only going to need Western Kentucky and GA Tech to turn things around and have a decent NET, we’re going to have to pick up some quality wins as well on the road to off-set those home losses. We can do it, but it’s definitely going to be a challenge. I expect our NET to be in the 100s when they update it tomorrow. You wanna be in the 30s and 40s to feel good about an NCAA bid, a lot of work for this team to do.

Totally unacceptable. Comfort Zone Mike has got his team in a hole again. We’ll see if he can Houdini his way out of this one.

CMA didn’t do this. He is on the side line. Youthful decisions on the court caused this and the WKU losses. It happens with a young team.
Did CMA run Hall off last year?
The front court doesn’t have depth. Hall would have provided depth. Adrio and Gabe had bad games again.
It’s not the end of the world. The sun will rise tomorrow and the hogs will come up with a big win in a few weeks and we will all get over this. I sure hope the players are handling the loss better than the fans.

It’s year 8. It’s his team. His roster. His roster management. His depth. His style.

If he wanted to be able to make excuses for himself he should have done more the first 7 years. He didn’t. This is what happens when you are always working yourself out of a hole.

The one constant about Mike is winning more games than he loses and getting better throughout the year. I appreciate you saying he get’s himself in a hole, because by doing so, you acknowledge his ability to get himself out, which he’s done time and time again much to your and others’ surprise. I counted 6 players on the court last night that weren’t on this team last year. I can’t wait to see them in March. I’m excited. I know Mike is. It’s disappointing our fans have difficulty seeing the future.

Western Ky got hammered by 40 points by $50 Notre Damers, not getting in unless something changes and we shorten our rotation. I agree that we got out efforted both games lost at home. At least the way I read body language and facial expressions there is not an emotional leader on the floor, Nothing feels right about this TEAM, just a collection of individuals. Even the TX loss still bothers me because it was absolutely winnable in our own hands to control. … t-rankings

So at what point is the seat hot? I think Mike has earned next year bc of where we were when he arrived and our last 5 seasons have been better. But, barring a miracle run this year or Daniel mistakenly returning next season, we likely miss the Dance both years. We will have one 4/5 on team that can play next year. I guess we can hope Ibby Ali develops.

In the two losses, we got off to a terrible start because we were not making shots. Had to play catch up to get back to even, which we did. At the end of the games, we start playing playground ball and taking off balance and unmakeable shots (a sign of a young team). If we do not correct these two things, we will lose a lot more games especially on the road. We really miss Macon and Barford at the end of games because they knew what shots to take to win. I think it will be a long season. Don’t see us winning more than 17 games (if we win the next two, we will have 9 wins and then need 9 in SEC to get to 18; just don’t think we will do it).

Come on we got a glimpse early of the potential this young team has, against some pretty good foes-TX & Indiana.

Now we are seeing what we basically expected before the season started.
Young team that - makes mistakes, still learning, chemistry work in progress, etc.

I guess in reverse order so to speak.

Hey it’s not like they give up, don’t hustle, aren’t buying in to the coaches & system, etc. like we saw with football team.

We may or may not make the dance this year, but I’m not throwing in the towel yet, to much basketball left to be played.

Think it’s bout time Nolan has a chat with them, JS.