No dual threat?!?

This is a quote from a Tom Murphy story:

"Arkansas’ streak of facing premier dual-threat quarterbacks will end Saturday at No. 21 Auburn, but it doesn’t mean quarterback Sean White and the Tigers offer a breather.

The No. 17 Razorbacks have struggled much of the season to contain running quarterbacks, and they’ve also shown flaws against high-tempo teams."

Is anyone else concerned that after a bye week the ole Gus bus could’ve put in a package for John Franklin III and we get scorched by another running QB? I hope Coach Robb Smith is preparing for all possibilities…

I have no doubt that John Franklin will see some playing time Saturday. But I’d be surprised if White isn’t taking the vast majority of the snaps.

I have thought all week that Franklin would get 20 chances to run the read option this week, especially after the open week. If I was Auburn, I would want Arkansas to prove they can stop it.