No doubt, we are in the toughest finishing bracket

Pretty rare a Sweet Sixteen bracket ends up with the 1, 2, 3, & 4 seeds.

Add to that we got shafted being sent out to the West region…played in New York last weekend playing Cali this Week… coast to coast basketball. Ridiculous. Different time changes


Can really affect a team. Anyone know when we are leaving for San Fran? I hope it’s Monday, so we can get adjusted to the time changes.

Muss said we are leaving sometime Tuesday

At least that will give us 2 nights to get over the jet lag.

It took me about 3 to 4 days to get over jet lag going to Germany!

But that 7 hours. West coast is only 2 hours. Even though it’s 3 hours between buffalo & Frisco, I don’t think it will have much bearing on the game. We’ll have a couple of days to adjust after spending a couple f days back home. I’d rather not have it, but it’s not a huge factor.

One benefit of the regional is we will get a lot of media. By far the most attractive regional. Good to be mentioned with the best teams.

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Having spent 30 years flying around the USA and Canada I always struggled going to the West coast. I ended up going to bed early and getting up really early.

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I lived 20 years between Japan, Thailand, and Philippines. Would come back to Arkansas at least once a year. Time difference ranged between 12-16 hours difference from Arkansas. Exactly the opposite time. Noon here is midnight there, and the body would tell you about it while trying to stay awake in the daytime here. Now that’s some jet lag, at least a week to recover on each side. Coming home wasn’t too bad because I was on vacation, could afford to laze around while letting my internal clock adjust (though I did get to watch alot of episodes of 1950’s-60’s TV shows, stuff they play in the middle of the night when everyone else was asleep but my brain was firing on all cylinders). Going back always sucked because I would arrive within 1-2 days of having to go back to work, would have to gut it out until I adjusted.

For the Hogs a two hour time difference shouldn’t have a major impact I would think. The games are all at night, so no reason to try and change the sleep schedule. Go to sleep a little later, sleep in a little later. Keep their body clocks on central time.


I live in constant jet lag with 8-10 hr time changes and suffer from no DST changes too.
Just realized I’m not mentally challenged. I’m in a time warp.

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The older you get , you don’t need jet lag to be in a time warp, I know

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