No doubt Kiffin is an elite coach, but Sam has almost --------

-------- dominated him every time they have played the past three years. Record setting interceptions leading to a big win the first year. We barely lost as our 2-point conversion attempt almost worked to end last years game at their place and this year we dominated them the first half and easily coasted to a victory in the second. We got us the right coach three years ago and we need to support him as he continues the “work in progress” of rebuilding the Hog Football program. Sure he makes some mistakes. Who doesn’t? Our recruiting is getting better each year. There is a chance, in upcoming recruiting classes, that we may get the #1 receiver, Wingo, AND one of the top QBs in the nation, White, to add to our improved recruiting. We are finally getting visits and commits from elite D-line recruits, the obvious missing link on this and almost all other Razorback teams. Support Sam and try not to give competitor recruiters cannon fodder for their attacks against us. JMVVVVVVHO


Great post, well done! WPS

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