No disappointment from me after this game

Playing without probably our best defender, that 2nd half comeback was amazing. Sure we were out of sorts in the first half, but TN, with out of their minds hot 3 point shooting, were going to have a big first half lead on any team in the country. If we’d had a healthy Toney, the the first half deficit would still have been double digits, but wouldn’t have been 21. I feel certain, we would have completed the comeback if he’d been healthy.

Now, I really hope Muss doesn’t even think about playing Toney in the insignificant SEC tourney unless his ankle is 100%. I’d much rather go 0-1 in the SEC tourney if it means having a healthy Toney for the NCAA tourney. And we will still have a decent shot of winning that first game in the SEC Tourney without Toney.


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