No defense


Alabama is averaging 54.2 points per game this season.

That’s despite the offense not scoring in the last 12 minutes of any of its five games this season.

Tua was hitting on 75 percent of his passes coming into this game.

Alabama has speed, Arkansas does not.

Arkansas has not tackled well.

But, really, what did you expect?

Beyond pathetic… almost 500 yards at halftime yet we continue to try to cover them man for man… we don’t have the speed for that. We have to have a plan B and plan C

Alabama is the best offense country and it’s not even close. They do as they wish when they wish to do it.

Encouraging signs on offense

A competitive demeanor


That’s all I’m asking for.

Everybody is pathetic against Bama.

Alabama had given up two touchdowns total in the first half of its first five games.

Arkansas scored two today and should have had a third.

The Razorbacks have 236 yards total offense. Alabama is giving up an average of just over 300 a game with most of that coming in the second half.

Just FYI.

Arkansas is nowhere near the caliber of Alabama.

But it is at least trying to do some things today and the recruits on hand see that.

Step back and take a look at the big picture.

I think Alabama has the best offense in the country. Of course the stats pretty much back that up. They find weaknesses and expose them over and over.

Chavis does not play zone and never has. When you hire him you know that.

I love the way our offense is competing but the defense is making it look way too easy. This is the first time the offense has been ran the way it should have been

When you don’t have the athletes to run what you want to you have to adjust… to do the same thing over and over and expect different results is the definition of insanity. We have been able to stay with Auburn and Texas A&M but it’s obvious we cannot cover these guys like that.

Improvement and effort is all I hope for. It is very obvious the difference in our talent and Bama’s. Sure would like for defense to show more physicality and tackling ability. Hopefully more speed is on the way, our secondary cannot keep up with Alabama.

offense has shown it can put points on the board now…remainder of the schedule will be a little easier than what we have seen the last 3 weeks…can’t afford any injuries to oline today, Wallace just went down, hopefully nothing serious

One of these weeks our defense, offense and special teams will all play well without costly mistakes and we might just win a game. So far at least one or two of those three make several costly mistakes and we are out of the game before we get warmed up. Our defense backs still think the way to tackle is roll at their feet.