No D football or basketball

It’s like a sickness on the hill today.

Hopeful for both programs in year four for both coaches.

Got to regain our D personalities

I beg to differ on the football Defense. They shut the Hokies out in the first half and had to defend a short field the entire second half. No Defense can make up for the offensive train wreck we saw in the second half. This loss was on the offense and the offensive coaches. Once again our offensive brain trust could not adjust to the adjustment. And of course, no player contributed more to this loss than #80. I don’t want to stone the kid. It wasn’t because of lack of effort on his part. If anything it was probably too much effort. Bad situational awareness on his part. Then he made an awful situation even worse by blowing his cool and committing an atrocious act of bad sportsmanship. We have a problem. What we saw tonight is the trademark of the Bielema era. I don’t play fire the coach. However, I’m not opposed to JL giving CBB a nice new seat heater as a post season gift.

I concur, would love to see a great deal more ferocity in both teams. I know it is easy to sit in judgement, especially in my easy chair, but I sure miss the Corey Beck’s and like that have willed themself and their team to victories.

I so miss Corey beck in bball and Steve Atwater toughness in football