No D Adjusting

How long can Sam ignore the fact that for two straight weeks the D has continued to do the same wrong things with no adjustment?
The three man rush is not working.
Last were our linebackers were misaligned for TD after TD.
This is worrisome to say the least.

Defense looks pretty good if defensive backs and linebackers do their job and actually come up with interceptions. Four dropped INTs today. That is not on coaches.


Well they always say those guys are on defense for a reason. You can’t put 3 on the line and give Will Rogers all kinds of time. And, by the time the runner gets to the LBs they have a pretty good head of steam and push them another 3+ yards (or worse).

The defensive strategy is perfect (as Scottie said).

If Drew Sanders would have held on the the last one, he might have scored.

The 3 man defensive line is a losing strategy. No pressure on Will Rogers will allow him to eat us alive. I would rather pressure the Cow College than lose like this…knock his a$$ flat.

On a positive note, our quarterback has a strong arm and can run like a gazelle. He has a lot of ability, but he needs some experience and playing time.


While there is plenty of blame for the players the three man front isn’t working and the LB strategy last week was a loser.
To let the coaches off the hook is questionable at best.
We just saw them carve up the three man rush for another TD. Our secondary is so bad you just can’t give a good qb all day to pass.

This. Need a new DC, period. Cannot bear another 10-12 games of three man DL. Very scary thought!!!

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Let me be the second or third to say we will not win another meaningful game this season and will not bowl and will not win a meaningful game next season with a three man DL.

And getting Boomed by the SEC network.

To say the least, just embarrassing…

I’ll be the 4th. BO needs head coaching job, IMO…

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I agree. All week all I heard was that we have to put pressure on their Quarterback. The three man defensive line let them pass and run at will.

Sounds like gambling to me. if we make the first play I’m sure the M. St. OC would have “adjusted” and maybe those opportunities wouldn’t have been there. I perfer a little pressure on the qb.

You guys assume there are enough linemen up there to run a 4 man front consistently.

With the 4 man front our weak and talent depleted secondary is now in man coverage all alone

In that scenario I am afraid qb hangs a hundred on us

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Scottie, our team has lots of problems, I’m not even sure how to rank them.

But I really do worry that In year 3, we are relying on SO MANY Chad Morris players. Even his walk ons!

We have some players, solid OL, good skill players and LB, and we play very well in stretches, but we just fall apart and play terrible football for long stretches. Even agains Missouri state! Even against a crap Gaggie team.


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I think many understand that we may not have a lot of interior defensive linemen options, but playing a three man front, two linebackers and the rest secondary players makes us extremely vulnerable to power football. Both Alabama and State really pushed us around a lot.

It almost seems the fear of the long pass is so distasteful to Odom that he is willing to compromise our run defense and accept completions underneath. It might be more effective if our tackling was better, but we have been exposed there as well. Even though the long pass is the home run, the perfect execution is less frequent than short passes or handoffs, which are likely not home runs, but one can score a lot of runs with singles and doubles strung together.

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The three-man front won the first two match ups vs. MSU. Other teams copied.

It’s a pick your poison.


Good Lord it is so simple….
(Sarcasm alert)

Let’s rush more (which the offensive line can still block)
And their very capable QB is throwing bombs to receivers running free

It’s a worn out phrase
Bit this is about Jimmie’s and Joes, not X’s and O’s

It was more nickel and dimes today. The secondary kept the vast majority of completions in front.

But lost containment due to missed tackles. A constant problem over the years.

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Don’t think they want to be in 3 man line. They started the year with four and lots of blitzes. It worked somewhat with the first three teams we played, but they weren’t up to the caliber of the three we have lost to. And the reality is we can’t play man to man when we blitz unless we actually sack the quarterback. And we can’t get to the QB without the blitz - dilemma. The solution seems to be better talent on line and secondary, and I agree that a new DQ is necessary. Barry was probably offered a job or two last year, but it won’t happen this year, but it will be hard for Sam to let his very good friend go.