No Country For Old Men

In the movie “No Country For Old Men” the main character (Llewelyn Moss) is filling a gallon water jug in the middle of the night when his wife approaches confused about what he’s doing. His intent with the water is noble but watching the movie you know if he leaves with the water all hell will break loose and their lives will be changed dramatically.

Wife - “Llewelyn, what are you doing?”

Llewelyn - “Something I shouldn’t be doing, but gonna’ do it anyway.”

Llewelyn walks to the door, opens it and turns back to his wife.

Llewelyn - “If I don’t come back, tell momma I love her.”

Wife - “Llewelyn, your mother is dead.”

Llewelyn - “Then I will tell her myself.”

That’s exactly how I feel when we head to Cowboy Stadium to play A/M. Each year we show up and everything that can possibly go wrong does. I know it in advance (like Llewelyn) but pretend/hope/pray we play relatively clean and not gift wrap the end results but make them earn every inch. The Hogs get under the glare of Jerry’s World and fall apart at the seams and I should/will expect the same next year. The movie is great but going to Cowboy Stadium has become a recurring nightmare with the same comedy of errors following the Hogs year after year.