No breaks for the Wolfpack today

Have had some really bad calls go against them in critical spots.

I’m surprised they played Vandy so close. But then Vandy isn’t all that.

Vandy still has to beat them again tomorrow ( Sunday) to get to the championship bracket

NC played well short handed. Got into Vandy bullpen. Should help tomorrow. Hope they get a lot of players back tomorrow.

Coach Avent said some of the players who didn’t make the Omaha roster are being tested and might be flown to Omaha tonight to play tomorrow.

Interesting. I saw a tweet before today’s game that said they couldn’t bring in players not already on the CWS roster.

Not anymore. Vandy gets a free pass to the finals. Unbelievable luck for NCST

Unbelievable but also easily avoided. Just get the damn shots. Of course they’re not the first college kids who think they’re bulletproof and it can’t happen to them. Whatever “it” happens to be. In this case “it” ended their season, just like it knocked VCU out of the Dance in March.

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I’m just waiting for the large crowds at Arkansas to get blamed (not that I think that’s what happened) because somehow this will turn on us.

I think it’s wrong to assume that anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated just thinks they’re bulletproof. There are some legitimate concerns coming out about myocarditis being linked to young people who’ve gotten the vaccine. Who knows why the unvaccinated players decided not to get a shot yet, but that definitely may be a reason.

I’ve heard people who say they simply want to give it more time before getting the shot since this is a new type of vaccine and some people are having adverse reactions. I can’t say I fault them for that, especially if they are very young and unlikely to get very ill with covid if they get it. There is some risk with either decision.

I chose to get the vaccine myself and haven’t regretted it, but we should be careful about assuming we know the intentions of others.

One thing is for sure. The NC State players will now have to live with the consequences of their decision.


I think 4 of them got the shots and still tested positive… go figure

The vaccine does not prevent you from getting COVID… just like the flu shot, it helps minimize the effects of the virus. There are also a ton of false positive/negative tests. I know several people who tested positive one day and negative a few days later. I also know a couple of people that are fully vaccinated and have COVID so it’s possible some of the players on NCS were vaccinated, still got COVID and some of the tests could have been false positives. Wouldn’t judge everything by an ESPN article for sure.

There are people who have legitimate medical reasons not to take the vaccine, but they are in a very small minority. College kids were not eligible to get it until sometime in April. However, I think it’s safe to assume the players who failed to get it had no medical reason not to. They just didn’t do it and now they’re suffering consequences. I understand their coach didn’t encourage them to because he didn’t want to “indoctrinate” them. I suppose he doesn’t try to indoctrinate them against drunk driving, either.

There are also plenty of people getting myocarditis from the virus, not the vaccine. So if you can get myocarditis either way but can’t get the virus if you get the shot, I’d still get the shot.

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That’s inaccurate

I don’t think he means to say the vaccine is 100% effective. The odds of catching it at all go way down. The odds of getting badly sick from the virus are tiny once a person is vaccinated. The odds of getting badly sick from the vaccine are also very small.

The same thing could have happened to the Arkansas team. Arkansas players are not 100 percent vaccinated. It’s only a little over the 75 percent that allows you to not wear masks in dugout.

FYI, my county in North Arkansas has had a big spike along with several counties in SW Missouri (Springfield and Branson). Baxter County went from 13 to 128 in four days.

So none of this surprises me. Apparently most of new cases are under 40 because that’s where a lot of the unvaccinated are.

Hospitals in the areas are making plans for Covid wings again and their patients are young.

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Yep. Had two buddies get it after the shots.

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