No big surprise with Holland

Saw he picked up a crystal ball to Tx. Hope that’s not a bad sign.

RD, you hearing anything about a Texas lean?

If your dream is to go to the league I don’t think you can get any better than a guy who’s been there, done that,and has a game plan to get you there. I like our chances


Let’s see how things go the next few days.

no G league

Holland talks finalists

In a previous interview with On3, Holland discussed each of his finalists.

Texas: “I saw that I can stay home and get this thing done. Everyone knows the Texas brand, and Coach (Chris) Beard will let me go there and be me. I can do a great job of being me, and it’ll get me to the next level.”

UCLA: “I had never been to L.A. before. They showed me a lot of how they do things over there. It’s L.A.; there is a whole lot of money out there. I never knew how they played, so they showed me a lot of that. They get out in transition and have a lot of NBA actions. Coach (Mick) Cronin is big on getting his guys ready for the next level. I learned a lot about their plans for me out there; Coach Cronin showed me a lot.”

Arkansas: “I didn’t know how NBA-centered everything was over there. They do everything NBA level, system-wise. And they treat their guys like they’re in the NBA already, getting them ready for the next level…”

“They have a former teammate of mine, Anthony Black and a couple of other Dallas dudes They’re about to have a good season and I feel like it’s a great spot to be as well.”

He’s gonna be a Hog. I don’t think Beard’s offense is anywhere near as NBA focused as Muss’ is, and Beard has no NBA experience.

Beard is a great college coach, but I’m still not sold on him developing guys for the next level. Disu seems to have gone backwards under Beard, and Tre Mitchell…where is he even playing now?

Bottom line, Muss gets guys ready, and those things get players to want to play for him. Moody is a prime example, and there will be many, many more.

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A couple of variables we don’t know about…the competing NIL offers and does Holland prefer the big city lights of Austin compared to the college town atmosphere of Fayetteville.
UA…Campus of Champios

….or even the bigger city lights of LA?

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