No better drama than simultaneous games in World Cup

The initial pool play in World Cup Soccer (Football) is a round robin format within each group of 4 teams with two out of the four teams advancing to the knockout stage. The games for the third and final leg in the pool play are played simultaneously generating sensational drama as fortunes swing back and forth with each goal scored, changing live group standings resulting in a lot of fingernail chewing for the fans.

Today for example, Portugal-Iran and Spain-Morocco games were played simultaneously with a lot of scoreboard watching leading to dramatic last 5 minutes that changed standings almost by the minute.

It is what we would experience if the final SEC game of the season for all SEC teams was played at the same time with SEC championship game spots and bowl game spots hanging in the balance. Of course, this will never happen because of TV wanting to spread the games out so that each game gets maximum coverage.

Just something to chew on.

I like the simultaneous format. Won’t work in the SEC because, let’s face it, either the championship is already decided or Bama’s playing Auburn to decide the title.

This format in the EPL also gave us the crazy events of May 13, 2012, where Manchester United thought it had stolen the title for about two minutes, only for Man City to steal it back with two goals in stoppage time.

Today was a great example of what you are talking about PJ. Wow! Germany taken out by South Korea as Mexico is spanked by the Swedes!. Incredible excitement in both of those matches.

What is this “World Cup” you are referring to?