No Bad Uniform Bears!

Southern Miss is our 2 seed. But we get ORU

We got shafted! not a bad team in this regional…SM is my alma Mater and they are very good!we always get ORU and they have give us trouble and DB is always very good.probably the toughest regional I’ve seen… we better bring our A game!

I’m surprised we missed the Paperclips or Okie Lite.

But iove that A&M and EOE-A are in the same regional.

USM swept Moo U to open the season. Lost to Bama and Ole Miss twice. Beat Charlotte in the conference tournament; did not play Charlotte in the regular season.

Can you name the regionals that have bad teams?

Nope but we could have gotten easier teams…all these teams are experienced and use to post season baseball. Should be a very good regional and we will win it if we can keep from beating ourselves.

I think if we avoid errors, we increase our odds of winning tremendously. With very few exceptions, the games we’ve lost this year were becauses we beat ourselves.

I’m confident our pitchers can keep runs against us low. I’m confident our hitters can get us enough runs to win. If we commit errors, however…

Yes if we can field the ball well and keep the ball in the ballpark we have a tendency to give up home runs and all these teams in this region can mash it. Especially Dallas Baptist and USM they’re not too far behind us in home runs.