No Arkansas/Fordham thread?

Good put back by council

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Well our 3 bricks are turning into points!!

I like Council


Walsh with 2. We may have him 2 years.

Great pass to Mitchell

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Looking btr now.

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Yeah he’s always going to be in foul trouble because he just cannot keep his hands off of people

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Hey I shamed black into making one LOL

This could be Muss’ s best defensive team since he has been here.

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Devo trying to take a charge.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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How can you miss a one foot shot when you’re 6’9

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Dunk that!!!

Dunk it!!


it look like he was falling away from the basket but he should have gathered himself and went up and slammed it

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These refs are are making me scratching my head. The fouls are obvious in the lane but they turn away. Walsh first foul was a push by another player. Ref standing right there. :eyes::upside_down_face:

We have forces 11 TO’s already

But couldn’t shoot our way out of a paper sack

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Yeah that foul on Walsh on the sideline was kind of bush League

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Absolutely , take it back and make a statement! WPS

Yeah it’s pretty hard to watch us in the half court offense

AB!!! With the dunk!