No announcement after the game?

Like has been mentioned in other threads, I figured if HY had his man he would announce tonight. If no announcement means we have to wait until after playoffs or bowls, then HY will suffer increased competition from other schools needing a top coach.

I was hopeful we would have a new coach tonight and that would help retain recruits and allow the new coach to start right away in his recruiting. We are further hurt by additional delay.

Let the regular season for the other teams end. A lot of teams will be playing tomorrow.

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Tomorrow is the last day

Assuming it’s, let’s say Kiffin, doesn’t make sense to announce anything until his team has played its last game.

I thought if things had been in place there would be a press conference on Sunday afternoon with the new coach in Fayetteville. If not, we would go through at least a week, more likely more, peddling the job to some up-and-coming hotshots who might be great or might be overwhelmed in the SEC. Even a coaching veteran like Jimbo is finding it tough to slog through this swamp after having little competition in the ACC. And Gus is perennially up to his a$$ in alligators. MSU’s coach thought he would waltz in and challenge right away for a championship. He’ll be lucky to be there longer than four years. All to say it’s a tough place to coach. Collect your money and invest it wisely,

My guess is that it will be between December 2 and December 9, depending on who it is. Sooner would be better but the choice is obviously the determining factor as respects timing.

Wait…you seriously thought there would be an announcement naming the new coach after a football game that was in LR and with the regular season not even over until today? LOL…
Obviously our candidates are still coaching their respective teams today. We’ll have our coach named within the next week…we are not waiting until after bowl games and the CFP.

Goodness man…

You serious, Clark?

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