No action 4 Jackson

Vance must be in the doghouse. We could really use another physical presence today.

Now would be a great time for Kamani Johnson to be ruled eligible.

Yeah. Might be time to give him a few minutes. Down 27-17 on rebounds. Shooting 24%. Thank goodness we’ve turned them over 12 times. Only reason we are still on the game.

Hard to believe we are down only 3 after that awful display of offensive basketball. Hopefully the real Hogs will show up in the 2nd half.

Man, do we miss Smith.

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He does not have a physical game on defense and does not have quick hands or feet to make him an even average defender inside. I think that’s why Williams and even Henderson are out there.

He was in there shortly and missed a fairly easy stop that resulted in a layup.

Playing a weak non-conference schedule sometimes is not that helpful. We did it because we have so many new players, and it does allow us to play a bunch of guys in order to evaluate them in game situations. But the downside of this is we are not quite ready to battle teams like Missouri who are more physical and battle tested. We will just have to close ranks and move on.

The scouting report on him was he avoids contact at all cost and hates being inside.
Seems pretty accurate.

Why did we want him if he hates contact and playing inside?

Every coach has an ego that tells them they can “coach a player up”.
Especially a coach who hangs his hat on transfers.

They were supposed to play Power 5s in Vegas. And supposed to play at Tulsa. Tough hand dealt by Covid.

But they won at Auburn. How quickly forget a good result when bad one hits.

And Oklahoma.

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