No. 9 Razorbacks open season in Mexico

Thanks, youdaman. I forgot about Long Beach State.
I thought I saw somewhere that Washington was ranked pretty high.

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Yeah Washington was ranked 7th we were ranked 9th.They have been very good the last several years if I recall. I’m sure coach is still trying to figure out the pieces of the puzzle this early in the year.

After the first two weekends of the 2021 season the girls’ record was 1-2, with losses to Okie Lite and McNeese State. That team turned out okay.

Yep takes time to get in the groove

I talked to some Washington fans in the line for Covid testing (required for return travel) set up very conveniently at the ball park. They said the current coach is the 2nd in 40-something years (don’t hold me to specifics but it has been a long time). And the mantle was passed directly from the previous coach to the successor, who had been in the program. They have been well-established for a while and are obviously well-trained and well-coached. They make few errors. In both games they delivered crushing grand slams late. As an interesting note, one of their players, a catcher, and a fearsome enough hitter to merit an intentional walk, is the daughter of an 80s Arkansas engineering graduate who left for Seattle. I met a lot of great Arkansas fans and plan to go more now that I am safely home. It’s an exciting, fast-paced game.

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Nice info!
Do you recall who was pitching and gave up the GS’s?

Appreciate the info! So glad you were able to go watch the exciting event… I have really become to love softball the last several years. I was always been a baseball player and still love baseball but softball is progressed so much in the last several years that I have fallen in love with it as well. We have so many new players on this team I don’t know most of them so I look forward to being able to watch them play and kind of see how they progress. Washington has been good for several years they may have won the national championship a few years ago in fact if I remember correctly. So no shame in losing to them this early in the year for sure. Thanks again for the info

Like you, youdaman, I played a lot of baseball in my younger days. I love baseball! As I got older I played a lot of softball. Some fast pitch and then slow. I got to travel around and play tournaments, in and out of state. I love softball as well. It’s a sport I loved and enjoyed playing and I enjoy and look forward to watching the girls play ball.
Looking forward to the season!!

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