No. 9 Razorbacks open season in Mexico

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We’re ahead 4-0 top of the 6th

You watching stream or getting it off Twitter?

I just Googled the score, score hasn’t changed from the top of the 6 for about the last 30 minutes, so it may be a final

I live tweeted throughout. They have live stats

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Where were the live stats posted Paul? Didn’t see it on the Razorback website

4-0 final

Quite frankly, the Rutgers team did not look like a division one team. The seemed to be badly physically overmatched.

Only six hits in the whole game . two for them …four for us. Good to get that first game under our belt though

We put a lot of pitches in the tree out of the park to the left. In spite of my opinion of their team in general their pitching was effective. Having a great time. It’s a little cooler than expected, but warms up in the afternoon.

Are you at the site?

No but I will try to have updates again on their 2 games today.

Hogs beat Memphis 4- 3 in 8 innings

Yep working on a little story as we speak. Matt should have it posted soon

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Hogs lost The nightcap to Washington 8-0 so hopefully we can rebound tomorrow. Got to start hitting the ball much better.

Again had trouble connecting with the ball.

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Girls came out swinging and won 10-0 will now play Washington tonight as well need to get some revenge on them

If I saw it right, Washington was leading 8/4 in the 6th

We lost 10-5 Washington clealy the better team right now but a very good experience for the girls I’m sure

So, they went 2 and 2.
Gave up 18 runs to Washington in two games.
Washington must be pretty good.
Was our losses due to lack of pitching?
Obviously they weren’t hitting.

I have no idea. Washington’s obviously a little better right now than we are and they have had a great program for years. Didn’t seem like we hit the ball too well in the first two wins but we scored 10 against Long Beach State so all in all I would think it was a good experience… They will know what they have to work on now. They went 3-2. We beat Rutgers Memphis and Long Beach State