: No. 1 inside LB prospect Tackett Curtis and uncle, coach


Good stuff!

Like the 'speed and blowing up players.

BTW good job Richard.

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Richard I think we got a great shot at getting him,mentioned he would love to play for Coach Scherer and you can tell he has love and admiration for coach Pittman. What do you think our chances are

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I think Arkansas will be there in the end. After talking to him and Jess I get the feeling Wisconsin will be a big player here. Arkansas too.

What’s the connection with Wisconsin???

They’ve recruited him hard and he likes the LB coach. I sure them having good Ds helps too.

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Okay… I still don’t believe he will turn down a chance to play in the SEC for a coach that he said he would love to play for, not to mention much better weather and a lot closer.

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I think distance will be a factor.


What about LSU?

Never rule them out but I think they have some catching up to do with the new staff.

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After one one Wisconsin winter he might hit the portal. After spending a young lifetime in Many, LA that could be quite a shock. I had a good friend in the Navy from Elkhorn, Wisconsin who had a Masters from Wisconsin. I asked him how they could tolerate the winters, with snow on the ground all the time and unrelenting cold. He asked if I thought it was the North Pole or something. My answer was that I knew it wasn’t literally, but conceptually, yeah, pretty much the same. I wouldn’t live up there for love or money. The cold is one thing. The hours of dark in the winter is another that far north. I learned that living in Germany. Ooof.

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Yeah I can only imagine how cold it gets up there in the winter. I very much respect their program though and they have a great defense but we can build the same thing here if we can get players like him and we would be a lot closer for his family to come see play. The way he talks about Sam and Coach Scherer I would think we have a great chance but some people are nice to everybody they talked to so I guess we’ll just have to see… fingers crossed

They should show him pictures of icebergs, igloos, and polar bears superimposed with the UW logo.

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I’ve spent many a winter day in Wisconsin. Once the guys I was working with tried to drive their car on a lake that was frozen over. It had those fishing huts with actual streets and signs. I said “no way, I’m from the South and don’t trust the ice”. They thought that was funny. i was serious.

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Only in June, July, and August. The school season would be brutal. No way.

any connection to JT Curtis other than playing Curtis in football playoffs?

I just got an email from my Wisconsin alum friend, who hasn’t lived there by the way since he graduated in 1969 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. He mentioned sort of offhandedly that they dropped baseball about 50 years ago. Something to do with the weather. They just couldn’t get any practice time in because springtime starts so late. No kidding, like mid-May. :rofl: And a kid from southern Louisiana can find happiness there. Seriously, I don’t think so. I remember a conversation I had with my Wiscy friend once, probably staring out at the Pacificor Tonkin Gulf.
How do y’all stand months and months of bitter cold and deep snow?
Jeez, what do think, it’s the Arctic?
Well, in reality, no, but conceptually, pretty much.

He was my mentor, but I held my own with him and others. I would love for him to get down here and go to a Razorback football or basketball game.

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I’m really hoping that Tackett sees the LB’s we are getting onboard and decides to pull the trigger for the Hogs!!

I was next to his school last week - I was almost tempted to go find him and tell him the Razorback Nation wants him bad!

No relation. Sorry, been meaning to ask and I finally did.