NMSU highlights

I think it may include every basket by both teams. In seven minutes.

By the way, Warmachine can’t do highlight videos on NCAAT games because of rights issues; the NCAA would take it down if he did.

Not sure if has many Hog highlights in the last 7 minutes.

To be precise, the Toney dunk, JD fouling out, Lykes at the line with 2 seconds left, and Toney missing the last FT when it didn’t matter.

The best highlights for the Hogs would be focusing on the D Toney played on 37 point Allen. The difference in the game.


I agree Danny that was indeed the highlights of the night and the Beautiful pass by Devo to Toney. Watching Toney defend is a thing of beauty,.The size and the agility he displays is very rare,we need to enjoy watching that because the chance of seeing that again anytime soon is very very slim.


Best and only highlight would be the final score with all 0s on the clock. Brutal game but next week it’s all about the sweet 16 and the Zags.


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