NMSU Catcher Transferring to Arkansas

He was a freshman last year at New Mexico State.

Here is more on him:

Well it looks like we got the defensive catcher Dave said he’s comfortable having.

Oh dear. Barely gets the runner on a delayed steal.

“threw out 10 of 38 would-be base stealers”

Is this the guy you were thinking of?

No. I thought Arkansas might get Mac Guscette, but he wound up at Alabama.

That was the first stolen base attempt against him in a college game. His pop time looks better in some of the later videos.

Arkansas’ coaches evaluate a lot of video on potential catcher transfers. I do not think he would be offered if the video doesn’t suggest he can play the defense required at the SEC level.

Given the Hogs’ lack of depth at the catcher position I’d be surprised if DVH didn’t offer any catcher with a pulse.

Can you honestly say that the three transfers brought in this year appear, at this point, to be better options than Dylan Leach?

Ask me in October after I’ve watched them in person for several weeks. I watched Leach a lot in practice and in games. He has good potential as a hitter, but I did not think he could play the defense expected of Arkansas’ starter.

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I totally agree with you about leach and his defense. He has a ways to go to be as good as the people we’ve had play that position.

Does this give us any hints about whether Skenes will join us?


I am sure that DVH has no idea what it takes to be a SEC catcher! Can’t believe he didn’t consult the brilliant coaches and evaluators on this board before making an offer. He proves every year just how bad he is.

He’s a human. He’s a baseball coach. He’s not above being questioned.

Why do people think it’s a personal affront to one’s character to express concern about a coach’s decision?

He let trotting Jaxon Wiggins out as a starter when obviously better options were available, as evidenced as who pitched in the postseason.

DVH is a great coach and the best thing to ever happen to the UA baseball program. He also doesn’t walk on water

Most steals are NOT the fault of the catcher. One of the things Arkansas has always done is hold runners and be quick to the plate with all pitches including breaking balls.

In the fall, if a pitcher does not do that well, they are told they will not pitch in a spring game until it’s fixed. Summer ball checks on young put hers are consistently about getting the ball to the catcher’s mitt quickly after first movement.

I bet the new catchers like what they find with this pitching staff.

As a catcher, I hated the delayed steal more than the straight steal. Catchers have a difficult time.

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It’s often about the delivery of the question or the comment, more than the question (or comment) itself.

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Ah. I’d hate to assume intent or delivery based on this medium.

a fan on a message board Questioning DVH would be like a person on a message board questioning Neil Armstrong on how to fly a space rocket. One is an expert on the situation while the other actually has no clue how it all works.


I have no problem with seeing folks question coaches’ decisions, so long as it is done respectfully and without hostility or vulgarity.

I still think we win the NC if we pitched Big Mac in that first game against OM. I don’t know that I have ever stopped questioning that decision.

I also never question that DVH knows best and is one of the top (if not THE top) coaches in the country. He makes far more good decisions than bad, and it’s not even close. And he knows far more than any of us here.