NM St up

10 on UCONN at the half. I was worried that both AR and UCONN might get caught looking ahead. Good thing is their game ends before ours, so Muss can get their attention and say look.


Several lower seeds getting teams attn.

Look at Ky

I know, right now I have a perfect bracket. UCONN and KY may blow it up

Teddy Allen for NMSU can ball, but I bet Muss will have something for him. Something named Toney, I suspect. Just gotta get there.

Officials are protecting the 5 seed

This is a ball game. After the slow start it’s been interesting. Allen kid can play…

We watched that 1st half?? Anyway Muss probably did…

Attention getting!

I was just thinking, I hope they let us be that physical and not get called for a foul


Fouls are definitely not equal

The officiating is comical at this point

I’m shocked they called that one

Yeah the way all these lower seeds are hanging right there with the top seeds has me nervous for sure

Me too!!

This Allen kid is pretty good


Yeah he ave 19 a game which means he’s not using this awesome but today he has been unbelievable


Yes he is.

Game set match… NMS

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Well. It looks like the UConn fans will be going home after today.

Number zero for New Mexico St is a player

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One heck of a game

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Allen scored more than half their points. And the last dozen or so.

We know who’s waiting for us. Just take care of business.


And then put Umude on him and see how many he scores.

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