NLRB pursuing complaint against USCw, Pac-12, and NCAA

That college athletes at USC are in essence employees of all three of those entities, and that all three are guilty of unfair labor practices. If successful, this would open the door for any athletes at NCAA private colleges to be declared employees and have the right to organize a union, which could include players from multiple schools in a given conference or even NCAA-wide. State supported schools are under different rules and wouldn’t be affected directly. Yet.

This is still a long way from being settled one way or the other, but a step in the process of getting there.

Just curious but, why would all students not be employees?

Not sure it might not be easier with a contract and structure that usually comes with a Union contract. Having spent time in labor relations and been heavily involved in negotiating approximately 20 bargaining agreements, my experience makes me suspect that the rumored huge agreements for the high profile players could be moderated, as I cannot envision the NLRB declaring that quarterbacks or other specific positions or individuals not being a part of the larger unit, although technically one might be able to make separate bargaining units for position groups, but seems like an unlikely modification. Yes, there can be different pay grades/classifications within a single agreement, but seeing how bargaining committees have worked in the contracts I am familiar with, the emphasis did not tend to focus on the more skilled classifications, but more toward the middle population.

This is a California - “LA Regional NRLb” blue state - blue people deal. Just like Uber, I don’t think the Supreme Court is going to agree that defined contractors are defacto employees - just because the left coast extremes believe so.

This one is very likely to be tied up in the Courts for a long time. While it will cost the school, the conference and the NCAA a lot of money to defend, it may also help Big College Sports get some traction with Congress for some kind of legislated system more favorable to the industry than where it thinks it will be in a few years.

Careful now, Danny, you may get censored, tracked and even cancelled. Your Social Credit Score will no doubt suffer. This really is sports related since it relates to buying those who will cast their lot with you in the future. Buying may be a bit strong, it really is closer to renting. Perhaps in another day somebody may want more monies, or they will change their address and side with those they deem likely to increase their remuneration. It is a business decision after all.

Still trying to decide on attending the Liberty Bowl and the pre-game buffet and drinks and enjoy free tickets. My den is so much closer to the bathroom and kitchen- it will certainly be warmer.

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