NLRB: Football players at private schools are employees

Which is an expansion of the decision already reached in the effort by Northwestern football players to unionize a couple of years back.

NLRB does not have jurisdiction over public schools like UA, but this opens the way for players at schools like Vandy and TCU to negotiate for something above and beyond the current scholarship package, both with their schools and with the NCAA. And if private school athletes are able to get something extra, state schools will have to match it or Vandy will suddenly be the new power in the SEC.

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Since the guy who issued this opinion was appointed under the Obama administration, it is possible that Trump replaces him later this year with someone who would change the opinion. Or maybe the new person doesn’t change it either. Reversing this opinion would not change the situation at Northwestern specifically, which was settled two years ago, but it would change the rules for the other 16 private schools in FBS, including Vandy, USC and Notre Dame.