NLR RB Brandon Thomas update

will be signing with Memphis.

Dang - Norvell has proven to be a great evaluator of running backs. My guess is we’ll regret this one in time.

For all the former staff’s mistakes, it should be noted that they did offer Brandon Thomas, but was late to the party and just got out-recruited.

Memphis offered him on March 23, Arkansas State on April 20, Louisiana Tech on April 24, North Texas and SMU on May 13 and Arkansas on June 12.

He then committed to Memphis on June 26.

Interesting that Tony Pollard has had a better rookie season than Darrell Henderson.

I suppose the kid we had committed from Houston Northshore was considered the better choice.

John Gentry was certainly ranked higher and faster per 24/7 composite rankings.

He is more of a speedster and Thomas a power back.

Gentry is signing with Utah today.

Appears the Missouri flip will be the power back in this class, though I am basing that on reported size. Will be interesting to hear more about him.