NLR center keeps motor running on high

Saw he had an interest in Memphis. Unless he wants to play on a team destined for probation and live in the most dangerous city in the country, I would encourage him to tell Hardaway to keep his money and go elsewhere.

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You speak the truth, and oink back at you.

Kel’el Ware had 21 points, including three 3s to help All Arkansas Red to a 82-67 victory over JL3 Elite & 2022 5-star C Vincent Iwuchukwu, who finished with 6 points.

The Memphis mafia is reporting he’s a lock for Memphis.

Typical post from a Memphis fan!

You will see a note in RD article that he will make a decision on how a team uses their bigs. When I poke around NLR people, the word is that he really likes the way Penny uses the bigs. He does not want to be just a defensive center that defends and rebounds, That is what they say. Have not heard that directly from Ware. But I don’t hear the word “lock”. There are few other schools on his list that use bigs like Memphis.

My personal opinion - From on offensive style and scheme standpoint, there is no better fit in America than Arkansas for Ware, Nick Smith and Bryson Warren (‘23). All three would be prolific and completely free to do what they do best offensively.

Good. Bryson seems like a lock to Arkansas. Loves our staff and the system, I wouldn’t be surprised with an early commit from him. Kind of curious why you grouped him with Nick and Ware.

Because of our offensive scheme (that, and the fact that I think they are the best prospects in the state). Muss’ offense highlights a lot of pick and roll and iso, with mostly 4-out 1-in or 5-out.

Think about what Mason Jones did - that’s what Nick Smith and Bryson Warren do best. Ware is a post who likes to play all of the floor, and Muss’ system provides that for its bigs.

I think I didn’t make myself clear. I thought you mentioned Ware and Smith because there are rumors that they seem to be unsure of Arkansas. My question was why you added Warren to that list, because I think he is very high on Hogs.

But if that was not your intent, no need to answer my question further.

I agree on your point about the Arkansas offensive scheme.

I wonder why they both would be unsure of Arkansas and Muss? We’re just coming off an Elite 8 in Year Two with Muss.

Memphis hasn’t come close to an Elite 8 since Penny has been there, in what 5 years now?


I don’t see any locks to or away from Arkansas to this point.

I know I’m a homer and I’m proud of it but I agree with razorag. There isn’t a better coach anywhere than Muss for these young men to grow their games. He also has the contacts to help them further their careers.

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