NLR Basketball just got better

Moses Moody will transfer to NLR from Parkview. How does NLR do it?

Hopefully he follows the Anton Beard route.

PJ, don’t miss Baptist Prep at NLR this year.

Baptist has a couple D1 players in the 7 footer and McBride the Jr. PG. IMO, McBride is every bit as good as Justice Hill (saying a lot).

The have other quality players as well.

Watched Baptist a couple of times last year. Will do it again this year. I agree McBride as good. Justice may be a better athlete.

I have a feeling that with Perry scholarship opening up, Connor Vanover may get a shot as a Razorback.

My first thought when I saw this was that this makes it a harder challenge to get him to be a Razorback. Hope I’m wrong, but there seems to be some opposing coaches who have excellent relationships with the NLR coaches.

Some service just rated Moses Top 15 nationally. That makes him a one and done probable and puts him on Coach Cal’s radar. That worries me more. I think the Arkansas program is now at the point where it can fight off offers from all but Top 5 schools like UK, Duke, UNC, Kansas.

He may indeed end up top 15, but being ranked top 15 at this stage does not make him those things. Trey Thompson was #22 at the same stage. A lot will change the next few years.

Also, what was the service? I’m having trouble finding. Had not heard of them until now.

I understand it is way early and could change significantly.

What do you suppose the reason is for this transfer?

There will probably be another fairly high profile transfer announced soon.

I made a mistake here. had rated Moody’s AAU team top 15 and not Moody himself. There has been a lot of talk about he could be Top 25 and I mistakemly took the team ranking as Moody ranking.

I think - just like Anton - that Moses lives in North Little Rock so that would be his home school.

Just had been playing at magnet school LR Parkview

Kaylen Robinson has transferred from Episcopal to Bryant.

I think you mean Khalen Robinson

A little Trivia: Vanover is now listed at 7’-4" on MaxPreps